Why you should consider translating your Whitepaper, Website and Article into German.

The german language is way more widespread than you think. According to Deutschland.de, approximately 130 million people all over the world speak German as their mother tongue. Which makes this target group quite large, meaning you should definitely consider putting a part of your marketing budget to publish sponsored posts on crypto news websites for german speaking people.

In 2019, a study has shown that 87 % of the respondents know Bitcoin, 64 % know blockchain technology. Considering the explosive rise in popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, these numbers are most likely way higher in the year 2021. And they will for sure not be lower in the coming years.

According to a statistic from statista, in 2020, 3 % of people in Germany have invested into cryptocurrencies. Most of them at the age of 18 – 44 years. A target group you can easily reach with your website and sponsored posts, as it’s them who are most familiar with the internet.

A study from 3bit-lab, conducted in June 2021, found out that 11 % of the persons interviewed living in Germany have invested into cryptocurrencies. With new regulations in sight, these numbers are very probable to rise in the near future.

Don’t scare off potential investors with poorly translated texts

If you are working on a new project and offer a Whitepaper to potential investors (which you definitely should!), it is crucial to have one that is perfectly translated. The last thing you want to show to investors is a poorly translated paper. Bad translations seem sketchy and might scare them off, and in the worst case, lead to the project failing.

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