We are specialized in translating Blockchain and Crypto related Texts from English to German and vice versa.

Because a "Bitcoin short" is not a "Bitcoin Kurzfilm"


Your website is the first thing a potential investor is going to look at. Don't make them leave and miss out by not offering their language of choice. And don't forget your Whitepaper!


(Paid) Articles are an essential part of your projects success. With many technological and financial terms, it's important they get translated precisely. Don't spend money on paid articles with poor translations!

Already have a Translation?

If you already have a translation and are not 100% sure it's translated perfectly and in a way that it still makes sense, we also offer proof-reading your text.


What is the problem?

The market for translation agencies is huge. But most of them have one specific problem: they lack knowledge of the difficult terms and phrases for blockchain and cryptocurrency. Years of experience in the crypto industry has shown that this leads to customers losing trust in your project.

What is our solution?

Our Founder & CEO Markus has been running a news website about crypto and blockchain for 4 years. Having many customers paying for sponsored posts, he noticed how poorly these articles are translated. Many times with automated tools like Google Translate. Which may be good enough for a normal text, but in no case for a specific topic like crypto.

In addition, Markus has been a crypto enthusiast since 2017 when he first discovered Bitcoin. Thousands of hours of research and investing later, every specific word comes from memory – in English and German. Combine that with our passion for writing and voilĂ  – you got the perfect recipe for ChainsTranslate.

Translations might seem easy. But Crypto & Blockchain terms are complicated.
This is why we do translations that your customers really understand.

– Markus Karner, Founder of ChainsTranslate.com

Meet the team:


Markus Karner

Founder & CEO

Running his own blog about crypto & blockchain since 2017, he noticed that many texts are translated very poorly. That's why he started ChainsTranslate.com


Marketing & Office Management

After completing her bachelor's degree in Marketing, Kerstin has found her passion for Crypto and Blockchain. She is always happy to help if you have any questions!



Your translations are worse than you think.

Your translated texts (may) have a problem. While there are many translation services, they might not be good enough for a complex topic like crypto and blockchain. The good thing is: we have the perfect suited solution for you.

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